Repair, Reuse

shutterstock_105384869In the world of cosmetics, broken pressed powder, eyshadow or bronzer is at the heart of beauty woes. You can remedy the situation by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the cracked palette until it softens back together. Let the mixture air out for several hours, allowing the alcohol to evaporate and your pressed powder to return to its wholesome glory!

There’s a way to salvage your favorite lipstick – you know, the one that doesn’t even twist above its metal encasing anymore. In a small, microwave-safe container, melt together petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and the scrapings of your dilapidated lipstick to create a tinted moisturizer. Pour the liquid balm into a mint tin and allow it to harden. And thus, your lip color lives on!

Is your mascara running dry? Don’t toss it just yet! Salvage the last of it by placing the closed tube in a cup of hot water for 15 minutes. The mascara will drip to the bottom of the tube, covering the brush and giving you a few more eye-popping wears.

For a quick and effortless summer glow, blend that bronzing powder you bought on clearance last year into your daily body moisturizer and swipe over your arms and legs. The same can be done with a bright, shimmery eyeshadow when blended with your face moisturizer. Apply the homemade highlighter to the bridge of the nose, chin and forehead and enjoy your new, instantly svelte features!

Create a unique shade of nail polish with those old drugstore eyeshadows that have been sitting in your makeup bag for ages. Crush up the shadow and pour it into a bottle of clear nail polish using a funnel made from a sheet of paper. Add loose glitter for a more playful effect!

By Taylor Peterson