At-Home HydroPeptide Facial…

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Become an esthetician from the comfort and convenience of home with these facial tips borrowed from the pros. Follow these simple steps for a radiant complexion, whether the occasion is a special  night out or it’s time for your weekly home facial:

Perfect Your Cleansing:   Begin with a treatment cleanser and brightening toner to dissolve traces of makeup and dirt while minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spotsHydroPeptide’s Cleansing Gel: Cleanse Tone Makeup Remover is a multi-tasking cleanser that will balance skin’s PH, remove makeup and deep clean in one simple step.  HydroPeptide’s Cleanse: Anti-Wrinkle Exfoliating Cleanser is an example of a gentle exfoliating cleanser that promotes healthy skin renewal and clarity.  HydroPeptide’s Tone: Anti-wrinkle Brightening Tonernot only visibly shrinks pore size, it contains bearberry and lactic acid to promote a more even skin tone.

  •  For oily, normal and dry skin: Cleansing Gel followed by Cleanse and Tone will leave behind a flawless and radiant complexion for all.
  •  For maintenance, using the exfoliating Cleanse in the morning to increase cell turnover and Cleansing Gel at night to remove makeup is recommended. Tone can be used twice a day to prep the skin for a treatment serum.
  • For sensitive and acne prone skin: Cleansing Gel is gentle enough to remove impurities without irritating the skin. This cleanser also contains Green Tea, Chamomile and Cucumber to soothe and protect skin from free radical damage.
  •  Depending on sensitivity level, Cleanse and Tone may also be used.  A double cleanse and application of toner is not recommended for easily irritated skin types and those experiencing  active breakouts.

Peel Away Impurities: HydroPeptide’s zero down-time, two-step Peel is a radiance-boosting home treatment to indulge in before any and all special occasions!  Powerful Vitamin C-infused microdermabrasion crystals, wrinkle-reducing peptides and a unique lactic acid-activating gel will polish and plump your complexion to perfection.

  • Tip for sensitive skin:  Prevent irritation by refraining from physical exfoliation by pre-mixing Peel 1 and 2, applying the mixture and letting it sit on the skin for 5 minutes.

Mask Imperfections: HydroPeptide’s clay based Mask is formulated with fruit enzymes to extract impurities, collagen- boosting peptides and natural skin brighteners.  This mask is a weekly indulgence that will leave behind a smooth, firm and matte-finish complexion.

Treat Unwanted Concerns: HydroPeptide’s Serums all treat fine lines and wrinkles with a variety of peptides and potent botanicals.  Choose the serum that fulfills your secondary skin care concerns and apply twice daily.

  • Tip: You can mix two serums together to correct your skin care concerns and apply to the skin morning and night.
  •  To correct fine lines and wrinkles: Serum is a mega-collagen booster that transforms the skin with the most advanced peptide technology.
  •  To prevent fine lines and wrinkles: HydroStem+6 will prevent against collagen and loss and signs of aging with 6 powerful botanical stem cells.
  • For pigmentation and age spots: Even Out fades hyperpigmentation into an even-toned and glowing complexion while preventing future discoloration.
  •  For redness and irritation: Soothing Serum reduces the appearance of redness while building skin defenses and relieving feelings of discomfort and irritation.

Hydrate and Protect: HydroPeptide’s anti-wrinkle moisturizers are a must during every season, especially the colder winter months. Treat your skin with the hydration it deserves and don’t forget to apply the award winning SPF 30 for a nice finishing touch – this mineral sunscreen for the face helps protect from future damage and features color-adjusting spheres to immediately improve skin tone.

  • For Normal to Dry skin: Power Lift contains 21 hydrating elements and perfectly quenches even the driest complexions without clogging pores or leaving behind an oily shine.
  • For Normal to Oily Skin: Face protects across the broad spectrum with a complete range of 16 antioxidants while plumping and hydrating with hyaluronic acid