B & B Lip Balm

-1If you’re looking for a lip balm that’s as luxurious as it is affordable, pick up this two-pack of Blithe and Bonny Lip Balm in vintage pots ($12). These two lip balms are packaged in muslin pouch – – if you’re a lip-gloss addict, this makes for a great must-have item for yourself (or a friend, if you’re feeling generous!). Handcrafted with coconut oil, beeswax and a touch of sweetness to provide an ultra-smooth application, they come in Honey Almond and Coconut flavors.

Pulled from William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, the name, Blithe and Bonny means “happy” and “pretty” and guides the company in their product development and packaging design decisions.  “At Blithe and Bonny, we want to offer products that are simple and elegant.” says Dave Baer, co-founder of Blithe and Bonny. “No parabens, No SLS, classic fragrances, and familiar designs are the foundation for our products. The result is a line of quality products that have universal appeal.”

Blithe and Bonny is a fast-growing manufacturer of personal care products and lifestyle goods for bath, body, and home. Blithe and Bonny is a family-owned company that is passionate about creating quality products that demonstrate a commitment to the consumer, the community and the planet. Founded in 2010, Blithe and Bonny handcrafts all products using sustainable materials, responsible ingredients and impeccable design. For more information, please visit the website at




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