Barely Bare

Healthy skin is universally recognized as beautiful and, frankly, looking good is important. It’s science! Your appearance affects how you are perceived and it can influence your success in love and the workplace alike. Why do you think we spend so much time and effort telling you how to best achieve a young, healthy looking complexion?

That said, I’d like to think our readers don’t slather foundation all over their faces every day and cover up the beautiful visage they’ve been working so hard to achieve. Unfortunately, many women get so used to seeing themselves made up that the prospect of going out in public bare faced makes them anxious, regardless of how beautiful they are underneath all that junk. While I would like to challenge you to go without, I realize this is not always ideal for the woman who wants to look professional and polished. Here’s what you need for a quick, easy way to achieve a pretty and natural look:

A lip/cheek stain. Stains are a godsend for a low maintenance (read: lazy) girl who likes to look natural, but not washed out. Because they stain the skin rather than sit on top, they last all day and give the impression of a glow coming from within. Blend a few drops into to clean skin and follow with your regular moisturizer. Use a basic pink or red pigment and use sparingly. Try Benetint — a lip and cheek stain with a cult following that, as legend has it, was developed for a stripper looking to give her nipples a rosy tint.

Mineral veil. This is an optional step, but a completely translucent powder will absorb oil and diffuse the appearance of minor imperfections without giving you an unnatural pigment or covering up your adorable freckles.

Petroleum jelly. If you haven’t adopted this old school staple into your beauty regimen already, you’re missing out – it’s the ultimate multitasker. Just ask my tub of Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm and Moisturizer about it. In this case, simply apply it to your lips to keep them moisturized. Then, use a clean mascara brush from an old tube to apply a bit to your eyelashes and eyebrows to give them definition and keep them in place. If your eyelashes are truly in need of some pigment, don’t go straight for black mascara. Blondes and redheads should opt for brown. To apply, wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes and sweep outward. Remember that clean mascara brush? Run it through your lashes after application to remove clumps and excess product.

Do you look all glowy and adorable like a Gilmore girl yet? Yeah, ya do.

Jamie Leland is a Literature, Writing & Film student at Arizona State University and an enthusiastic consumer of natural beauty products. In her spare time, she enjoys messing up her room while constructing outfits, talking to her cats and rock climbing.



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