BBL Light Therapy


From Vampire Facelifts to Bee Venom Facials, our society is constantly on the search for the newest anti-aging treatment. The latest trend takes away the bizarre elements and returns to a basic concept: light. According to Dr. Peter Geldner, Chicago Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, the Forever Young BBL™ Light Facial functionally rejuvenates genes in aging skin cells.

“The Forever Young BBL Light Facial stimulates changes at the molecular level deep inside your skin. The gene expression of older, damaged skin cells are altered through the therapy so they resemble genes expressed in younger skin cells,” says Dr. Geldner. “The light therapy reinvigorates the cells, causing the skin to look much younger, while visibly improving skin firmness, elasticity and reducing redness.”

Dr. Geldner continues to explain that the non-invasive treatment provides lasting results, yet is a quick treatment with zero downtime. “Studies completed by the Dermatology Department at Stanford University showed lasting results for patients treated more than 10 years, which is almost unheard of in the anti-aging business,” explains Dr. Geldner. “And since light therapy can be used for a variety of different skin conditions, we can combine and customize treatments based on the patient’s needs and concerns. It’s a personalized, painless and effective treatment that’s gaining popularity for good reasons.”

 A nationally recognized expert in plastic and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Peter Geldner is one of Chicago’s premier plastic surgeons and founder of The Geldner Center in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL. Dr. Geldner has appeared in numerous publications and media outlets, including: ABC, Fox News, NBC, WGN, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Social, Chicago Tribune, Life & Style Weekly, The Learning Channel, The Jenny Jones Show, and Larry King Live Radio.