Bra Guide

According to national averages, more than 75 percent of women wear the wrong sized bra – and most don’t even know it! A proper-fitting bra performs the essential duties of any outfit by supporting, shaping and securing your assets.

In much contrast, a bra that doesn’t fit correctly could do more harm to your shape than good – both aesthetically and physiologically. Without proper day-to-day support, your lower back will be assuming the heavy responsibilities, leading to unnecessary discomfort and strain. In addition, an ill-fitting bra could be showing off your curves in all the wrong places.

Check out our bra guide below to help you find your best-fitting bra for a fabulous look with a comfortable feel.

  •  Let your bra band do the heavy lifting. In general, the band beneath your bust is responsible for supporting “the girls” and the straps are just supplements. Therefore, the band should fit snugly against your breastbone and sit low on your back. If you find the band riding up in the back, it’s a sign that the bra is stretched out or is too big.
  • Your bra cups should never wrinkle. The cups should lay smoothly against your bust and shouldn’t cave in. If they do, it’s time to try a smaller cup size.
  • Nothing should spill out. Often times with a bra that’s too small, bustier women will find that there may be some spillage over the top, underneath or maybe even to the sides. If that’s the case, you should try a bra with larger cup size, fuller coverage and extra support underneath.
  • Always try before you buy. Bras are like shoes: every fit is different. When you try on a bra, bend over to let the breasts fall naturally into the cups. Stand up and make any needed adjustments. This method gives a more accurate fit for everyday wear.
  • Get a professional fitting. If you’ve never had a professional bra fitting before, we recommend doing so since they’re usually complimentary at most department stores. Not only will a professional be able to provide you with accurate measurements, but she will also contribute bra tips and introduce flattering styles for your body type.

By Taylor Peterson

Taylor Peterson is a Journalism student at Arizona State University. An enthusiast of all things aesthetic, Peterson is a photographer, writer and musician. She likes her coffee strong and her adjectives stronger.