Combating Techneck


Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we interact with others, the way we get our news and the way we browse the Internet. We’re continuously gazing at screens, and more often than not, we’re looking down when we do. As an unfortunate result, specialists are seeing more wrinkles around the neck – appropriately coined  techneck. 

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Gregory Wiener says there are several options for combating techneck, including a necklift. “A necklift can minimize wrinkles, smooth loose skin and restore a more youthful contour to the neck area. Incisions are often placed within the hairline and in natural contours of the body to reduce visibility,” says Dr. Wiener.

In addition, there are also non-invasive options for reducing wrinkles in the neck. “Ulthera is an FDA approved, non-invasive ultrasound procedure that visibly lifts, tightens and tones skin surrounding the neck and jowl areas,” says Dr. Wiener. “Ultherapy is an ideal procedure for “techneck” as it’s extremely effective, but not as invasive or expensive as a traditional necklift. And, in the months following the procedure patients will continue to see results as collagen will increase and the skin’s elasticity will continue to improve.”

Dr. Greg Wiener M.D. FACS is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has been practicing at Resurrection Hospital for more than 9 years.  Dr. Wiener has been featured in several media outlets such as E! News Live, WFLD-TV, WMAQ-TV, Univision Online, Oxygen Magazine, Healthy and Fit Magazine, Forbes, US Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, Globe, Daily Herald, Chicago Sun Times and the Today Show Website. He is also a regular contributor to Aesthetic Trends.