Confronting Hair Loss

How to tell the man you love he’s going bald
By: Julie Cross, Eufora HERO for Men Educator

Casually, and gently, bring up the topic of hair loss:
As women we are nurturing by nature, we want to take care of our loved ones. Simply bringing up his thinning hair may make him self-conscious or defensive. Rather than pointing out thinning as a fault, I would offer a proactive approach to revive thinning hair and slow the process that causes it.

Suggest products that can help:
Once you break the ice, let your man know there are not only products available to help fight against hair loss, but there are also products that will help it grow thicker and stronger. Suggest that he try Eufora HERO for men, which offers a complete line of men’s grooming products to address total scalp health, including hair loss. HERO products contain the ProAmino Peptide Complex – this perfect marriage of nature and science allows us to target common scalp conditions such as oily scalp, itching, flaking, dryness and thinning. HERO’s Scalp Rescue utilizes the ProAmino Peptide Complex and it also introduces the Aloe Stem Cell Technology to feed oxygen to desperate follicles, providing maximum impact for more advanced cases.

Educate him on what he’s currently using:
If he’s the kind of guy that has a favorite product that he has used since high school, chances are it is full of petrolatum and other suffocants. These ingredients can clog the follicle and lead to premature hair loss. HERO has several styling products such as gels, putty’s, pastes, creams and pomades, all of which don’t contain ingredients that build up on men’s hair and scalp and enhance hair loss.

If all else fails, be blunt:
If he doesn’t take hints, at some point you have to be straightforward. He might be in disbelief or think he’s “too young” to have thinning hair. Remind him that he does not have to accept thinning hair, but he does have resources to fight against it. Otherwise a little guilt trip never hurts… “I would still love you even if you were bald, but you know how much I love to run my fingers through your hair…”