The Danger of DIY Injectables

The Danger of DIY Injectables


A frightening trend developing across the United States is the tendency to turn to a do-it-yourself method of plastic surgery.  Many cases have surfaced of individuals purchasing dermal fillers online from random sites, and doing the injections themselves, or having procedures done by uncertified “professionals.” Although it may seem to be a cheaper alternative to traditional medical procedures, the effects can be detrimental, and in some cases even fatal. 

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter Geldner of The Geldner Center explains that when considering plastic surgery, it is imperative to seek a board certified surgeon if you value your health and safety. “There are many unpredictable complications and dangers associated with any procedure. When individuals decide to take matters into their own hands, they’re making an extremely unbalanced tradeoff- saving a little money, but severely sacrificing their health.”

Dr. Geldner explains that even with simple procedures such as fillers, trying to do them at home can cause serious complications, from having a non-sterilized needle to injecting filler into the wrong area. “People tend to underestimate the science and skill behind these seemingly simply procedures. What it really comes down to is the fact that these are medical procedures, and they belong in a doctor’s office under a physician’s supervision.” 

 A nationally recognized expert in plastic and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Peter Geldner is one of Chicago’s premier plastic surgeons and founder of The Geldner Center in Chicago and Hinsdale, IL.  Dr. Geldner has appeared in numerous publications and media outlets, including: ABC, Fox News, NBC, WGN, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Social, Chicago Tribune, Life & Style Weekly, The Learning Channel, The Jenny Jones Show, and Larry King Live Radio.  Also a published author, Dr. Geldner has been recognized as a Castle ConnellyAmerica’s Top Surgeons and Top Plastic Surgeons as well as a Castle Connelly Top Doctor and U.S. News & World Report Top Doctor.