DIY Citrus Candle

We talk a lot about DIY skin care around here. Apart from the benefits for your skin, you get to learn the purpose of each ingredient, while also ensuring you know exactly what’s being used – no weird dyes or unpronounceable ingredients. And we all know the DIY concept is prevalent in many other areas outside of skin care as well, like home improvement and interior design. Indie Lee, who has devoted her life to finding natural alternatives to artificial products, has another fabulous substitute for an accent item found in most homes.

Indie’s Natural Citrus Candle is made from only two ingredients, neither of which is wax (or any other potentially toxic synthetic material found in lower quality candles). In fact, all you’ll need is a clementine (a fancy orange) and a few tablespoons of olive oil. Follow Lee’s five easy steps to sweet smelling citrus bliss.

How to Make It:

1.       Cut clementine in half.

2.       Carefully peel skin off as a whole.

3.       Twist the inside into a wick.

4.       Fill with a bit of olive oil.

5.       Light and enjoy!