Dodge Dehydration

With fall (and winter) temperatures settling in, and our outdoor exercise not working up quite a sweat, it’s easy to slack off the H2O.  However, ensuring our bodies get enough water is equally as important in the cooler seasons as it is in the summertime.  Not only does it play havoc with our skin and lips, dehydration can make us more susceptible to colds and flu, and may lead to serious side effects.  So here are some tips to keep well hydrated as the mercury continues to drop:

  • Eat your water.  Keep juicy fruits and veggies on hand throughout the season.  Don’t forget the low-calorie soups.
  • Take it tepid or hot, and make it decaf.  Caffeine is a diuretic so switch to non-caffeinated coffees and herbal or flavored teas.  Black tea may even prevent our bodies from absorbing the fat in foods.
  • Consume one glass of water before each meal.
  • Use a juicer to freshly squeeze fruits and vegetables to naturally fill up on water, as well as important vitamins and minerals.
  • Chug fluids before, during and after workouts.  At least one hour before exercising, drink one to two cups of water; drink four to eight ounces of water every 20 to 30 minutes during physical activity.
  • Drink other liquids like milk, 100% veggie or fruit juices.

To ensure you’re staying properly hydrated for good and overall body health, shoot for a gallon of fluids daily.  What’s your favorite way to keep hydrated when it’s cold outside?

Written by Chris Schmidt, who continues to strive for anti-aging and anti-acne solutions on a shoestring budget, while doing what she can both nutritionally and fitness-wise to maintain her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Find out what she’s rambling about this week at