Dueling Face Masks

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask

This mask claims to detoxify and restore the skin while drawing out impurities to help fight blemishes and other skin issues. With ingredients like tamarind and tea tree oil mixed in, you would think it would do just! So, I put this organic facial mask (and my boyfriend) to the test to see just how refreshing and cleansing African Black Soap really is.

I have combination skin causing my t-zone to become oily, while other parts of my face are often dry. I figured this mask would be able to really get into my pores and draw out toxins and other bacteria since tamarind is used for moisturizing the skin and tea tree oil is a common key ingredient in most topical ointments. However, this was not the case. While applying the charcoal looking mask, my boyfriend and I found almost immediately that the texture was very watery and did not stick to either of our faces. The scent was supposed to be similar to shea butter, but I think it was overpowered with all the other ingredients.

After letting it sit for 10 minutes, we both noticed how the mask never dried and was still very creamy on our faces, which made us feel like it wasn’t working. My boyfriend, who has normal to oily skin, didn’t like the mask right off the bat, “It was really runny on my face and didn’t feel like a quality product.” he said. We washed off the gooey mask to see that our skin felt slightly cleansed, but it didn’t leave that “deep clean” feel we were hoping for.


Orico London Skin Brunch Kukui Rejuvenating Mask

I was excited to try out another mask with the help of my boyfriend. This mask is packed with lots of organic essential fatty acids and skin nourishing oils like antioxidant-packed Kukui, macadamia, tangerine, mango and coconut oils. We were eager to test a product that not only prevents blemishes and fights off acne but uses organic ingredients to replenish dried out, damaged skin and restore moisture for a natural boost and more radiant looking skin.

My problem areas are where I am most dry, so the multiple oil extracts infused moisture into those dehydrated areas. For my boyfriend’s oily skin, the antioxidants worked together to cleanse out the oil while still keeping his skin naturally conditioned. While applying the clay-based mask, it was easy to notice the cooling feeling of the ingredients instantly rejuvenating our skin, as well as a sweet scent to really complete the overall experience.

After 10 minutes, the mask dried up to a hard shell-like texture, tightening up and purifying our skin. This was something my boyfriend and I both liked. “I enjoyed this one a lot because it smelled good and went deep into my pores so I could tell it was really working.” he said. We cleaned off our faces with our skin looking flawless and feeling refreshed. I would definitely recommend Orico’s face mask because it was light on our skin, felt enriching with its organic oils, and left both of our skin types with a nourished and clean feeling.


By Marissa Villarreal