Earth Day Beauty Stats

Today is Earth Day, so we wanted to share with you some pretty awesome earth-y beauty stats from

  • 11% of consumers “always” buy organic beauty products!
  • 25% of women are drawn to organic and all-natural products while 65% say it depends on what they’re shopping for
  • 34% of women find organic products to be just as effective as non-organic products with 22% of women say their more effective than non-organic products
  • The top 3 sources for organic and all-natural product recommendations are: bloggers (38%), friends and family (25%), and online communities (17%).
  • There is a strong correlation between organic cosmetics and fashion: 43% of organic beauty shoppers also buy clothes made of organic or recycled materials!
  • As well as food: 47% of organic beauty shoppers say they only eat organic food
  • Consumers younger than 35-years-old are most likely to care about eco-friendliness of beauty products; 30% say eco-friendliness is “very important.”
  • 72% of women say sulfate-free shampoo is important to them