Eating Within the Lines

There is nothing easy about dieting to lose weight. One way or another you’re essentially depriving yourself of something you crave. Whether it’s choosing a salad over a burger, skipping dessert or simply eating less then your desired amount, you’re walking away from each meal unsatisfied and already dreading the next. If you’re feeling like one more bowl of quinoa is going to send you over the edge and into the waiting arms of a jumbo bag of M&Ms, it might be time to check out the complete SlimPlate System.

The SlimPlate System, developed by two weight-loss physicians, Dr. Nwe and Dr. Grewal, has been a staple for some time at the Ace Medical Weight Loss Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina and this spring will be available nationwide. Both Drs. Nwe and Grewal believe we can’t make drastic, permanent changes to our diet, so it’s best to focus on how much we eat, and make corrections there. The system uses portion control plates made of high quality bone china – breakfast plate, bowls, cups and cutters – designed for each of the four phases of the program.

The system works similar to a child’s paint-by-numbers picture, operating on the idea that it’s a lot easier to control your portions when they’ve been clearly delineated, as opposed to counting carbs or calories. You still get to eat the foods you enjoy most, but just in more manageable sizes. If this sounds like a better dieting option than the ones you’ve been trying, check out their website,, for more information and purchasing options.