IWS Approved Celebrity Trainer Workout

_mg_9427_300dpiWhat you’ll need: 

One old or new tire

A positive attitude


1. Lay tire down horizontally (flat) on the floor. Step up and down on the tire for one, two or three minutes, depending on your fitness level. As you get better and more comfortable, increase your speed.

2. Keep the tire in the horizontal position and do push-ups with your hands on the tire for 30 seconds. Do three sets.

3.  Keeping the tire flat, put your hands on the tire and do mountain climbers. These are alternating leg movements where you bring your knees up towards your chest and tap your foot on the ground. Your shoulders should be over your hands. Depending on your fitness level, do three sets of one, two or three minutes.

4. Keeping the tire flat, do dips on the edge of the tire. Do three sets of 30 seconds.

5.  For your core – keep the tire horizontal and put one foot on either side. Grip it tight between your feet, then sit up and touch tire with both hands. Do three sets of 30.