Leather Effect Nails

nails-inc-bling-it-on-rebel-nail-polish-set-promo-200x199Gone are the days of ho-hum nails. Not only have colors blossomed and brightened, creative patterns have evolved, and fruity scents have emerged. Now, there’s a slew of new nail polish textures as well!

The leather look is cool – worn the right way. Unlike Ross on Friends, you can now rock it without worry of embarrassment. Nails Inc. London has developed three shades of Leather Effect nail polish- black, mulberry and tan. These polishes go on glossy but look rough when dry – making you the envy of dominatrixes and Harley Davidson riders everywhere.

Another trend in nail finishes also created by Nails Inc. London is the Feather Effect. Like a flashy peacock, you too can attract the admiration of others with this unique lacquer. By applying two to three coats alone or over another polish, you can customize the look of your textured talons.

I’m not sure I understand the concept of this final effect – concrete. Never do I recall gazing at the stony mixture thinking – “gosh, that’s really pretty. It would look great on my nails.” But mixed with color, it becomes more appealing. The gritty finish and assortment of colors makes for an increasingly popular polish.

So, if you love wearing nail polish and keeping up with trends, there are no more excuses when it comes to justifying your naked nails.

Do you have a favorite nail polish? Tell us about it!

By Amy Leitermann