Manly Wine

I don’t necessarily need an extra incentive to have a glass of red wine. The taste, it’s effect (insert usual “in moderation” disclaimer here) and the skin benefits of resveratrol are all well documented. But if unsubstantiated science is going to give me another health related reason to have an extra glass, that’s something I’m powerless to deny.

As explained by DaySpa Magazine, a study from Kingston University’s School of Life Sciences in London reports that another ingredient in red wine – a compound called quercetin – can help prevent the kidneys from excreting testosterone, thereby increasing the levels typically found in most men. So, while drinking red wine won’t promote additional natural testosterone production, it will help the body retain more.

The research still appears to be in its infant stages (it hasn’t yet been tested on humans), but since testosterone factors so heavily in fitness as well as skin care, this is one study we’ll be monitoring.