Moisturize in a Minute

Mornings for most of us involve hurried routines. Get up, shower, take the dog out, eat breakfast, drive the kids to school. Whatever it may be, wouldn’t it be nice to shave a few minutes off your am schedule?

Vaseline has developed Spray & Go Moisture, a time saving, lightweight body moisturizer in a spray can! This moisturizing mist comes in three formulas: Total Moisture – made with pure oat extract, Aloe Fresh – made with pure aloe, and Cocoa Radiant – made with – you guessed it, pure cocoa butter.

I purchased the Cocoa Radiant since I’m a bona fide chocoholic. It was easy to apply, quickly absorbed into my parched skin, and made its way into hard to reach spots. My skin felt super soft and I smelled like a Hershey bar. (I must have smelled my arm for a full 30 seconds – it was THAT good!)

In seconds I was able to moisture my entire body, without any greasiness or residue. Although I wouldn’t recommend this for super dry areas like elbows and heels, it did a nice job of getting rid of that dry looking skin on my arms and legs. The spray also feels cooling on my skin, which is welcoming on hot summer days!

How do you stay moisturized?

Written by Amy Leitermann. This married, mother of two makeup lover enjoys sharing anything and everything beauty related. She believes all women deserve to feel beautiful and by sharing beauty and wellness related information, she hopes to inspire each and every woman to love themselves – both inside and out.