Natural Cure for Gray Hair

Back in 2009, New Jersey entrepreneur Cathy Beggan came across a scientific study written by a team of 11 UK researchers who had discovered the reason human hair turns gray with aging. Scientists said the culprit was hydrogen peroxide, which, as we age, builds up in hair follicles and bleaches hair, turning it from its natural color to various shades of gray or white.

The study, published in the July 2009 edition of The FASEB Journal*, also made reference to an enzyme produced by our bodies, called catalase, which stops hydrogen peroxide from accumulating in the follicles. The study noted that as we age, our catalase production slows, permitting hydrogen peroxide levels to increase. This is when the graying process begins.

“As I thought about the research findings, I asked myself, ‘If catalase could be put into a pill and taken as a daily supplement, would it stop the graying process?'” said Beggan, who two years earlier had successfully developed and marketed an innovative time-release energy pill to be taken at bedtime to help users wake-up the next morning on-time, feeling invigorated: Wake Up on Time.

Beggan contracted with a vitamin manufacturer to produce a capsule containing 5,000 international units of catalase (recently increased to 7,500) plus other ingredients believed to promote healthy hair, including B vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. The product, which she named Go Away Gray, officially launched that October, and by the year’s end, thousands of customers from every part of the country were smiling at their bathroom mirrors as the new anti-graying supplement began delivering what it promised.

“Go Away Gray’s mission is to simply put the catalase enzyme back in your system, and over time it will reverse the graying process and bring your natural hair color back,” Beggan said.  “It won’t change any gray hair that you already have, but it will change the new growth at the root. It’s not a quick fix and it doesn’t happen overnight. Taking the recommended dosage of two pills daily takes on average about 3 months until you really start to notice the results.”

Although it may surprise some, more men than women are purchasing Go Away Gray. The ratio is 60/40 and includes women who are purchasing for men, Beggan said.

“As a rule, men don’t color their hair and they don’t want to be caught in a salon,” Beggan said. “Additionally, there aren’t a lot of men’s hair colors to choose from at the supermarket and pharmacy. A supplement that restores natural color without dyes or gel is pretty much a no-brainer for guys wanting to get rid of their gray.”

Beggan said she regularly receives letters and calls from happy, satisfied customers from every part of the U.S. who rave about how the product has restored their natural hair color and trimmed years off their appearance.

“We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and have a less than 4 percent return and refund rate,” Beggan said. “Even if customers call a year after purchasing the product, we give them their money back if they’re not happy, whatever the reason.”

Go Away Gray will be the focus of an upcoming clinical trial, beginning mid-August. A formal study confirming her product’s efficacy and safety will enable Go Away Gray to gain wider acceptance in the global marketplace, Beggan said.

“Go Away Gray customers know first-hand that the product works,” Beggan said. “We’re confident that the results of the clinical trial will show the rest of the world that it works, as well.”

*Ref: The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, p2066, Vol. 23, July 2009

Cathy Beggan is the founder and CEO of Rise-N-Shine, LLC, a minority/woman owned business located in Sparta, New Jersey, on a mission to continuously bring groundbreaking products to the nutritional marketplace.  She is the creative force behind the development of a line of innovative, all-natural dietary supplements that provide consumers with natural solutions to every-day problems. (