Red Carpet Ready Makeup

While watching Sunday night’s Oscars, it’s easy to see how glamorous and gorgeous everyone looked, and it’s no secret that stars and their beauty teams spend hours—no, days, weeks—getting ready for the spotlight, HD camera (including a 360 degree camera angle) and the sometimes snarky judgments that might follow. What isn’t so obvious is how they always look so perfect—not overdone, just perfect. Don’t celebrities ever get a big zit on the big day? Maybe some undereye bags? What are their secrets?!

Secret #1It takes just as long—if not longer—to look naturally beautiful than it does to look “made up.” For a makeup application that draws the eye to a person’s face and not her foundation or eyeliner, it’s all about preparation with lightly applied foundation and moisturizer–and blending, blending, blending.

Secret #2 – Yes, stars do have imperfections (gasp!), but a great concealer, contouring creams and highlighting powders can temporarily create killer cheekbones, slim a wide nose and even remove jowls. Keep in mind that the camera picks up everything so again, blending is key. A fat kabuki brush should be used in a light, circular motion to blur any lines of demarcation and buff away excess product.

Secret #3 – “Natural” looking lips also involve a bit of work. Start with a light exfoliation using a dry washcloth or a bit of table sugar blended with a bit of olive oil. Wash and pat dry. Next comes foundation or primer, dabbed on with your fingertips or a makeup sponge – let dry. Using lipstick straight from the tube, apply in the shape of your lips. Gently blot with a tissue. Now, apply a lip liner in a similar shade. Then, set everything with a light dusting of translucent powder and finally, add a dab of glass in the center of both lips.

Are you ready for your close up?