Skin-Friendly Makeup

When it comes to skin care, it’s not only about the products you use to cleanse your skin – the type of makeup you wear can have just as big of an impact on its appearance. Even the simplest ingredients found in basic foundations and other cosmetics can leave your skin looking damaged and feeling irritated.

Certain oils like petroleum, beeswax and lanolin can cause acne cosmetica, a mild, common type of acne characterized by blocked pores and red bumps on the chin, cheeks and forehead. Acne cosmetica occurs when oil and other chemicals in your makeup collect in your pores and clog them. Avoid using thick liquids or creams and stick with lighter, powder-based products instead. Or, try using a non-comedogenic product specifically formulated to prevent clogged pores.

Allergies to certain ingredients can also cause discomfort and unsightly rashes on skin. Cosmetic brands like Almay or Clinique that are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free are less likely to cause allergic reactions. Another option is bareMinerals Original Foundation, which was created to help you achieve a natural looking finish without damaging skin with parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance and dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, triclosan, talc, oil, waxes, and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts.

As difficult as it may seem to find makeup products that won’t harm your skin, it can be even harder to cosmetics that may actually be beneficial. Sephora recommends Cover FX, an every day foundation made with rich antioxidants, vitamins and essential skin emollients designed to provide you with weightless full coverage for even the most sensitive skin. Cover FX is also free of mineral oil, fragrances, gluten, parabens and talc.

With the countless number of foundations and cosmetics out there, it is important to know what you are putting on your skin. Let us know what skin-friendly cosmetics you love!

By Marissa Villarreal