Spaaah Day

Last week I traveled across country for my mid-year family visit.  Typically I’m a home spa girl, but prior to flying, I always like to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure — complete with foot scrub and massage.  This time after the decadent hour and a half, I promised myself (and my technician) that I would be back well before my next trip.  But in the meantime, I discovered a definite in-between appointments solution: Moss Hill Bath and Body Collection.

The all-natural products include a foot scrubbie soap that smells scrumptious and, in my opinion, is the next best thing to hanging out at the spa.  This four-ounce bar is infused with pure peppermint essential oil, with a layer of pumice added to one side as an exfoliator for dry heels.

Once you’ve scrubbed and rinsed (try pre-soaking your feet in a plastic tub filled with lukewarm water, Moss Hill’s Massage/Bath Oil and a few marbles you can roll your arches over), towel dry and smooth the collection’s Manicure Cream over your toes and heels.  The two ounces of thick shea butter moisturizer, also excellent for hands and elbows, boast a delicious honey almond fragrance.

See for additional yummy bath products.  What are your favorite at-home spa therapies?

Written by Chris Schmidt, who continues to strive for anti-aging and anti-acne solutions on a shoestring budget, while doing what she can both nutritionally and fitness-wise to maintain her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Find out what she’s rambling about this week at