Want a Career in Skin Care?

1554433_344234935716869_1259178579_nMany of us skincare junkies have dreamed of one day starting our own signature brand. The only problem is developing a skincare line can cost millions once you factor in research, product development, production, packaging, distribution and marketing. But now there is a company offering the chance for anyone with $600 and a drive to succeed to get in on this multi-billion dollar industry with no overhead costs.

L’dara International is a startup venture in the emerging Relationship Marketing industry that is backed by FreeLife International®, a company that has produced more than $1 billion in sales since its launch in 1995. They offer only one product – an anti-aging serum made from a formula developed over the course of six years with $5.5 million in research.

L’dara Serum

The main ingredient is the goji berry, touted by many as an anti-aging “wonder fruit”. A specific compound in the berry, dubbed the “youth molecule”, was found to exclusively target aged skin. This compound, made from Lycium barbarum polysaccharide 5 (LBP-5), was used to create the LBP-5 Complex™, the patent-pending ingredient that is the heart of L’dara Serum.

The product claims to promote a more youthful appearance with a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and more radiant skin with a smoother, softer texture. I have personally tried the serum and it is light and absorbs right away with no greasy residue left behind. It also doubles as a moisturizer to help relieve dry, rough skin.

According to L’dara’s website, a study done by a major consumer magazine found that most top-selling anti-aging creams reduced wrinkles by less than 10 percent over 12 weeks. In a 28-day clinical trial done by AMA Laboratories on L’dara Serum, the appearance of wrinkles was reduced by an average of 35 percent over four weeks – a more significant and faster accomplishment if accurate. In addition, 90+ percent of the 30 women randomly selected for the trial reported younger looking, softer and smoother, and more radiant skin, an improvement in tone and texture, and noticed reduction in roughness and dryness. Ninety-three percent wanted to continue using the product after the study concluded.

The Opportunity

So, how does the business work? Though it is a bit more involved than this, in a nutshell, you contact someone who is currently involved in the business, a “Leader”, and sign up to receive one $90 bottle of L’dara Serum each month on auto-ship. At that time, you also purchase a Startup Kit of either five bottles for $500 or 12 bottles for $1,000, so you have samples to give out to potential customers and business builders. After that, you simply sign three people up under you who want to do the business, and then help each of them sign three people up, and so on. As more people join your team, you get a higher percentage of the total revenue sold each month.

Though relationship marketing may not be for everyone, for some, from stay-at-home moms to motivated entrepreneurs, this may be the perfect career choice because it offers unlimited potential for financial gain and no risk aside from the initial investment cost.

If you are interested in joining the L’dara team, click here or contact Jody Stuckhardt at 602-885-5339 to get started today!