Trendy Talons

Anything goes this season when it comes to nail art. Colors, patterns, textures, accents, adornments – you name it, it’s been experimented with and adored. Here are some of the more popular lacquered looks trending now:

Pale nails – These nude, barely-there colors are perfect for everyday wear.

Dark nails – Painted black, dark purple or navy, these dyes will add drama to your fingertips.

Metallic accents – Lightning bolts, stripes or any design you choose, silver and gold highlights will have you winning the nail Olympics.

Two Tone – Usually contrasting colors, this combination of two shades really makes your manicure stand out.

Edgy Elements – Rhinestones, cool designs and flashy fringes can be elements that take your natural nails to new lengths.

Stiletto Shaped – Filed into pointy daggers these nails look super sleek, but if not you’re not careful, could poke somebody’s eye out!

Looking for an easy way to try out different nail looks? Try one of these crafty kits sold at Sephora:

Chalkboard – This mani involves painting nails with a black matte polish and then doodling on top with chalk pens that wash away with water. To lock in your school-friendly graffiti, just use the topcoat provided.

Denim with Studs – As the name implies, this kit comes complete with denim colored/textured polish and studs for application, making your nails look just like those embellished jeans you may be wearing.

Caviar – There are no real fish eggs here – just tiny beads to apply over a bold color for an eye catching 3D effect!

Velvet – This assortment includes a base polish color and actual crushed velvet powder that can be brushed on nails for a sultry nail finish.

With so many looks to choose from, we’re pretty sure you’ll find one that suits you!

Do you enjoy experimenting with your nail looks? What’s your favorite?

Written by Amy Leitermann. This married, mother of two makeup lover enjoys sharing anything and everything beauty related. She believes all women deserve to feel beautiful and by sharing beauty and wellness related information, she hopes to inspire each and every woman to love themselves – both inside and out.