Winterize Your Skin

The cold winter months are associated with many layers of clothing, often neglecting the most important one, the skin. We all know the importance of staying hydrated inside and out during warm summer months, but did you know that this regimen is just as important during winter? The lack of sunlight, humidity and heat often strips the skin of hydration and essential oils, leaving that radiant summer glow behind.

Before you throw that sweater on this winter, don’t forget to consider these common and underestimated “Winter Skincare Mistakes,” from Dr. Linda Miles, co-founder and Chief Formulator for derma e:

  • Neglecting switching over to heavier crèmes and lotions, rich in natural and moisturizing oils.
    • All skin types need an adjusted routine during winter
  • Those who make the switch, do not make it quick enough
    • Don’t wait until your product runs out, make the switch soon enough, before it’s too late.
  • Dry indoor heat produced by heating systems can leave the skin dehydrated
    • Use a humidifier to replace the loss of moisture in the air
  • Dehydrated skin slows down the skin process
    • Proper exfoliation speeds up the process and is a key component to reaping in maximum benefits of hydrating crèmes.
  • Sunscreen isn’t just for sunny days
    • Managing sun exposure is crucial as UV rays are potent on cloudy, cool days. SPF is a year round effort.

derma e®’s Hydrating line provides an abundance of moisture, perfect for combating the signs of dry winter skin. I have included a few products below:

• Hydrating Night Creme- Working throughout the night, this crème reduces the look of fine lines for fresh looking skin.

• Hydrating Night Creme – This crème nourishes the eye area, reducing Crow’s feet, for a youthful, glowing look.