Yu-Be Moisturized

Lotions, moisturizers and creams…oh my! With thousands of products all promising to tackle dry skin, it can be difficult to find which one works best with your skin. I have personally tested a plethora of products in the hopes of getting that healthy skin glow we all so desperately strive to achieve but for one reason or another they all seem to let me down. Some products were too greasy, while others wore off during the day, leaving my skin dried out again.

For my latest attempt to find a luscious lotion, I decided to try one of Japan’s top-selling skin care lines. Yu-Be was founded in 1957 by Japanese pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari to relieve those suffering from overly dry skin. For the last 50 years, the glycerin formula with a unique blend of vitamin E, B2 and camphor has provided Japan skin care junkies with ultimate hydration and protection. Now, Yu-Be has invaded the U.S.

My sensitive skin craves moisture after every shower, so applying Yu-Be immediately after a stepping out of the bathtub was super soothing. While the lotion is yellow and thick, it went on smoothly and left my skin feeling moisturized, even hours after using it. I am excited to see more of Yu-Be’s products hit stores here in America because I have finally found the moisturizer that’s right for me – Yu-BE Moisturizing Body Lotion.

By Marissa Villarreal