Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo? Who knew?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the healing properties of the aloe vera plant, but did you know bamboo is now also being utilized for its ability to help rebuild the skin’s natural defenses? These shoots aren’t only good for Ling Ling, they are good for your skin too.

Grassroots Research Labs night cream contains bamboo leaf extract, which addresses irritation, and night blooming primrose, which provides intense hydration and calms stressed skin. Both ingredients work together to help reduce redness and blotchiness while rehydrating dry, uncomfortable skin.

Ninety-three percent of testers reported more supple looking skin and eighty-seven percent reported that their troublesome skin was soothed. After four weeks, many claimed the cream reduced the appearance and frequency of redness flare-ups.

Because of these good-for-your-skin claims, I decided to try it out for myself.  After cleansing my face I applied the cream and immediately felt my skin being quenched. The consistency is a mix between a lotion and a cream (not too thin and not too thick – Goldilocks would say it was just right!) and leaves the skin feeling very silky. It also has a barely-there fragrance, which is great for those with sensitivities.

After using it for only a week, my skin was plumper, more hydrated and less red.  All of this from one product – hoorah to Grassroots Research Labs!

Do you have redness and dryness? What products work best for you?

By Amy Leitermann