First Peel Review

I was recently afforded the opportunity to tour PCA Skin headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. At the end of the fun, informative visit, I received a TCA chemical peel from one of PCA’s incredibly knowledgeable aestheticians.

It turns out getting a chemical peel isn’t the scary, skin-dissolving experience many of us imagine. Prior to having this treatment done, I admittedly never knew much about chemical peels – what they did, how they worked, what the results were, etc. All I knew was a chemical solution is applied to your face like a mask and eventually causes your skin to peel off, right? Well, it’s not that simple (or potentially horrifying).

As an enthusiast of all things beauty, hair and skin, I was excited to give the TCA peel a go. For those of you who have never tried one, here’s the rundown:

What it is: The Sensi Peel® by PCA Skin is a 6% TCA (Trichloroacedic acid) solution that produces a skin peel for patients with highly sensitive skin.

How is works: The TCA solution is applied to the face by an aesthetician and achieves a greater concentration as additional layers are applied. PCA Skin’s Sensi Peel® is a self-neutralizing treatment, meaning it doesn’t have to be removed immediately.

What it does: Since a TCA solution is on the milder end of the chemical peel spectrum, the treatment will produce a light, flakey skin peel for several days after the initial application. The acids in the solution remove the surface layer of skin to reveal bright skin with a smooth and even texture.

My experience: The TCA chemical peel I received was well worth the slight sting of the two-layer application. I didn’t notice any visible changes until the fourth and fifth day when my skin became particularly dry and rough, but I continued lightly exfoliating every day and generously applying moisturizer.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t entirely sold on the treatment until I received two compliments on day seven… from total strangers. And applying my makeup by day eight was quick and smooth – no need to spend extra time on dark spot A or blemish B. My skin has a new lightness and softness. Even with a week of dryness, the peel worked its magic and gave my skin a healthy “glow.”

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By Taylor Peterson