Sample-Sized Skin Care

I’m a sucker for miniature items. Or as my daughter refers to them, “cute little baby” stuff. For instance, I squeal in delight any time I find things like little ketchup bottles, tiny sample size products, and pretty much any time I walk down the travel size aisle at Target. I’m not sure if my fascination stems from the cuteness of packaging or convenience of transporting, but here are a few beloved mini sized products I’ve been loving.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter – The packaging on this one is nothing short of adorable. It claims soft, glowing lips and it does just that. The smell is fantastic and it leaves your lips feeling ultra conditioned. It comes in tiny plastic container, making it both purse and bedside friendly.

Hello Seriously Friendly Breath Spray – I purchased the pink grapefruit mint one. It may be the best mouth freshener I have ever purchased. It is not stingy and harsh like most brands, and is 99% natural. It is packaged in a small egg shaped spray container with an innovative sprayer which slides open and closed, preventing leakage. This is another item that will go in my purse – or pocket.

The Body Shop Satsuma Hand Cleanse Gel – This travel size hand sanitizer smells like freshly squeezed oranges and leaves your hands clean and delicious smelling. It contains citrus fruit extracts and oils, is triclosan free, and not tested on animals. You could say it’s addicting!

Have you discovered any mini products you love? Tell us about them!

Written by Amy Leitermann. This married, mother of two makeup lover enjoys sharing anything and everything beauty related. She believes all women deserve to feel beautiful and by sharing beauty and wellness related information, she hopes to inspire each and every woman to love themselves – both inside and out.