Live Healthier Eat More Fat?!

Live Healthier Eat More Fat?!

It has been drilled into our heads that fat is the enemy and that cutting fat is the key to losing weight. Science, on the other hand, says otherwise.

“Fats in general have a bad rap and have been targeted as the scapegoat in the obesity epidemic,” says Dr. Larry Kaskel. “However a diet rich in fat, monounsaturated fats specifically, have been proven to help patients lose weight and stabilize their blood sugar.”

Monounsaturated fats, which are found in foods such as olives, nuts, coconuts and avocados, are actually good for you and your heart. “It is a huge lie and misnomer that the fats you eat contribute to a heart attack,” says Dr. Kaskel. “In fact it has been proven around the world that those who eat a diet high in monounsaturated fats are less likely to suffer from cardiac arrest, are less likely to have heart disease, and are more likely to lose weight.”

Dr Larry Kaskel the current medical Director of Northwestern Wellness Center in Libertyville, IL and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Clinical Lipidology. Dr Kaskel has hosted and recorded over 300 radio shows on ReachMDXM a satellite radio channel for medical professionals. He currently writes a blog at and remains passionate about treating patients with his philosophy of ” More Education and Less Medication”. His new book “Dr Kaskel’s Living in Wellness; Make Food Thy Medicine” is available at All proceeds of the book go to charity.