New Fashion Service Provides Work Attire

The Reign Effect is officially here!
We all understand the everyday struggle that professionals have as they rush to get ready in the morning. Desperately trying to pull together an elevated look in a limited amount of time or, just giving up and wearing a ‘uniform’ look every day, not utilizing the majority of the clothes in their closets.

The Reign Effect, a time-saving service that provides style sets for every day work attire and a curated online shopping experience, wants to help alleviate this struggle for the professional community with the launch of their new website, which opened today. The company is providing a service that streamlines the morning routine, saves time and alleviates stress while ensuring customers still look fashionable and suitable for the office by taking the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning. 

So, how does this work??
  • Catering to the professional customer, The Reign Effect’s team of stylists create carefully curate style sets each season, selecting 7 key pieces each month for them to interchange over the course of 20 days with other clothing options
  • Utilizing a variety of online stores, the company sources key pieces to create a polished outfit. They provide 20 outfits/month for Monday-Friday wear
  • The Reign Effect also offers a customized style set option to a select few each season. The customized option takes the customers look a step further, creating a more personalized look for the customer that incorporates their taste, style, body type and preferences
  • Overall, the company doesn’t just create a multitude of outfits, but rather blends personal shopping with styling so the style sets are realistic, attainable and presented in an organized manner
Their approach is streamlined and efficient – Customers select their style type, and the style sets are ready 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the season, allowing for purchases and organization. Additionally, The Reign Effect provides subscribers with tips on how to organize the style sets along with other helpful tips so you save time in the morning (i.e. organize your style sets on the weekend, place all items on one hanger, etc.).
What does it cost?
The Reign Effect costs $29.97 for the Fall Set (Sept-Nov), this breaks down to $9.99/month.  Future seasons will be available for purchase as applicable. Winter 2014 will be ready to purchase for Dec-Feb and will be ready on November 15th for purchase. *The fees listed are in addition to the clothing purchases costs.
How do you purchase the style sets?
You can only purchase the style set packages direct through the site. All other items of clothing, shoes and accessories that are set forth in the style sets can be purchased directly from the merchandiser as each image links directly to the site at which the item is sold.
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3….