New Skin Care Line for African American Women

‘Magus Hermes’ Launch Pioneering Plant-Based Skin Care Range Especially for Ethnic Skin Tones


A brand new luxury skincare brand is bucking a long-time trend in the beauty industry with a specially formulated range of products for African American women. Magus Hermes produces high-end skincare products that focus on black skin types, offering superb natural products in an industry that is dominated by Euro-centric brands. With plant-based ingredients and proven results, the Magus Hermes range is guaranteed to banish all skincare anxieties for men and women with ethnic skin tones, giving them healthy, radiant skin without a luxury price tag.

With products including cleansers, exfoliators, acne treatments, haircare and organic soaps among others, Magus Hermes is aiming to raise the standards for ethnic beauty products in an industry where the issue is often overlooked. After the founders of the company saw reports of people suffering skin burns as a result of using poor quality skin lightening creams, they began a worldwide examination of the quality of skincare products specially formulated for African American women and men.

The results, it seems, were poor – many products contained high levels of mercury and steroids, and were packed full of artificial and synthetic ingredients that are not kind to the skin. With a team of researches and dermatologists, the team at Magus Hermes set out to create a skincare brand that would buck this trend and offer a luxury solution for those with black skin.

Francine Barton, Product Manager at Magus Hermes says, “Ethnic skincare has been chronically overlooked by the mainstream beauty industry – the vast majority of products formulated have been created with Caucasian skin in mind. The team here at Magus Hermes saw a real gap in the market for a high-quality, natural, plant-based range of skincare products for black women and black men – a line of products that addressed the unique issues faced by those with darker skin.”

Many of the Eurocentric products on the market don’t take into account differences in melanin content between darker and lighter skin. This means that some of the most popular and successful beauty products on the market can actually have an adverse effect on those with black skin, causing excessive dryness rashes.

The Magus Hermes team has utilised the latest advances in biotechnology and quality control to create a collection of products that truly care for black skin. Using unique combinations of over 800 plants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, the skincare experts have conducted over 86 separate quality tests to verify the effectiveness of the Magus Hermes range – and every product passed with flying colours.

The flagship product in the ethnic range is the acne treatment, which is specially formulated for black skin and guaranteed to diminish blemishes and scarring caused by acne. Many of the products in the skincare line were also inspired by beautiful black celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, which is reflected in some of the product names. A percentage of Magus Hermes sales will also be donated to charities helping vulnerable women and children.

Ms Barton added, “Whether they’re searching for anti-ageing treatments or desperately seeking an eczema cream, the Magus Hermes range has been formulated to offer African American women a dedicated solution to all of their skincare woes. The luxury range is available to suit all budgets, with price-tags ranging from $16.99 to $150, and can all be purchased online in our dedicated shop. Each product comes with free worldwide shipping and a full money back guarantee, as we are totally confident that anyone with an ethnic skin tone will be completely satisfied with this range.”