Rosey Makeup Remover


I used to believe that a facial cleanser should foam, bubble, lather, snap, crackle and pop for it to be effective. Not so. Turns out, you don’t have to scrub your face raw to get makeup off either.

I’ve been using Nuxe’s Melting Cleansing Gel with rose petals for the last week and it works wonderfully at removing makeup (even mascara) and leaving my skin silky to the touch.

The formula is super smooth and creamy and reminds me a lot of sweetened condensed milk, minus the stickiness. And, as the name states, it really does melt onto your face! You only need a dime-sized amount to cleanse your entire face, which applied to moist skin in a circular motion, removes all traces of dirt and debris. It rinses completely and leaves your skin feeling very soft and hydrated.

This cleanser is soap-free and made from coconut derivatives, macadamia oil, Damascena rose petal floral water and allantoin – a natural moisturizing compound. These ingredients make this product gentle, yet effective for removing impurities.

Because it contains rose petal water, it smells like a fresh rose garden exploded on your face. If you aren’t a big fan of roses, the scent may be a little off-putting; however, it does fade quickly once skin dries.

Do you have a favorite facial cleanser? Tell us about it!

-By Amy Leitermann