Is Social Beauty the New Norm?

Is Social Beauty the New Norm?

Social beauty platforms are seemingly becoming a huge necessity and the new norm for beauty guidance. Today’s YouTube tutorials are abundant when it comes to beauty.  With all the many tutorials available, just made getting beautiful so much easier.
Featured as one of top Beauty Apps by Apple, connects YouTube content creators, viewers and merchants directly on their platform, making DIY beauty effortless. It provides a platform where viewers are able to see what exact products or tools are being used in the video. As each video is viewed, the corresponding product or tool for each step is highlighted so that the viewer knows precisely what each item is, while the video is being played. The viewer can also see reviews from beauty bloggers about the products or tools, add an item to a wish list, or even expand further on a topic through related tutorial suggestions. And the best part, gives viewers the option to directly purchase an item they see in the video, right then and there.

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