Spring Hair, Fitness and Nail Trends

This winter has seemed never ending with back to back snow storms and record low temperatures! Thankfully, Spring is right around the corner, and UMBERTO Beverly Hills wants to make sure you are ready to bring on the sun with these season’s hottest trends:


Spring Hair, Fitness and Nail Trends

Wakeup Call
Having trouble adjusting to Daylight Savings Time? If you still feel the need to hit the snooze button once (or twice) don’t panic, the UMBERTO Beverly Hills Dry Clean Dry Shampoo is ideal for reviving your hair without making you late for work!

In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb
The newest type of yoga to hit the fitness scene will make you think twice about your stance on yoga. Whether you are a devout yogi or have previously shied away from this mellow workout, DDP Yoga is designed to be just as therapeutic and low-impact as standard yoga, but also incorporates principles of dynamic resistance to increase fat burn. What makes this new yoga practice even more interesting is that it was founded by former pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

Irish For a Day
Green Beer, Shamrock Shakes, Parades and Gold Chocolate Coins– what’s not to love about St. Patrick’s Day? Whether you are Irish or not, show a little extra Irish spirit this year with some nail art. Adding a green accent nail or a shamrock is the perfect way to spice up your Saint Paddy’s day outfit! If you are feeling extra festive, nothing tops off a Saint Patrick’s Day ensemble quite like a green headband or bow. The more green, the more the luck of the Irish will be on your side!

Beach Waves, No Beach Required
If you aren’t able to jet off to a tropical destination this spring, you can still create effortless beach waves with the new UMBERTO Beverly Hills Dry Texture Spray. Umberto recommends following these easy steps to create gorgeous mermaid waves even Ariel would be envious of:

· Towel dry hair with a paper towel to eliminate extra moisture without adding frizz.  Use UMBERTO Beverly Hills Controller Conditioning spray for hold and heat protection. Blow dry hair lifting up and away from roots.

· Divide the hair into five sections.  Wrap the hair from the root to the midshaft around a 1½ or 2 inch curling iron, leaving the ends out to create a natural look.

· Let the hair cool.

· To finalize the look, gently push the hair up from the bottom with the palm of your hand and spritz with the UMBERTO Beverly Hills Dry Texture Spray.  This will add texture and shine to create perfect windswept and natural looking beach waves.

· For a curling-iron-free option, let the hair dry naturally and use Dry Texture Spray to get a windswept texture and wave.