Stress and Millennial Women

Stress is one of the most talked about subjects when it comes to millennial women.  It has an effect on many areas of their lives, from their sleeping and eating habits to their social and love lives.  While stress has a significant impact on lifestyle, a new survey by Elizabeth Arden reveals that millennial women are also concerned about how stress will impact their physical appearance and aging.


According to the Elizabeth Arden Skincare and Stress Survey, 93% of millennial women ages 18-33 believe that stress will have an effect on their physical appearance.   And although physical appearance encompasses many elements, it is the impact on their face and aging that are top concerns:

  •  Forever Young: When it comes to their appearance, women want to look young – and age is only relative.  Even women who are young say they always want to look young, or even younger.
  • 62% of millennial women believe that looking 10 years older is WORSE than gaining 10 lbs.
  • On average, millennial women say that if they could look one age forever, they’d want to look 24.
  • All In The Face: Millennial women know how to read each other; for them, the face conveys it all. In fact, most women(87%) agree that they can tell if someone is stressed just by looking at them.
  • Stress and Aging Woes:  Although millennial women are concerned about growing old, 44% of women’s biggest aging fear is lines and wrinkles, followed by hair loss (32%) and gray hair (13%).
  • Letting it Go: One out of three millennial women (33%) regularly use sex to de-stress. Other top ways millennial women are letting the stress go are by exercising (44%), shopping (43%) and spending time with friends (37%).

In an effort to address these concerns, Elizabeth Arden proudly introduces a breakthrough skincare regimen to tackle the first signs of skin aging accelerated by stress and help women reclaim their flawless skin— Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide™.  With consistent regimen use, women reported visible improvements in skin radiance in less than a week, and after just six weeks, 9 out of 10 women saw an improvement in skin brightness and texture.