Top Looks From Shiseido

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Five Top looks from New York Fashion Week from the Shiseido Artistic Director.  Follow the look boards and instructions so you can “get the look”!

“We addressed the cinematic element of the show’s spring/summer look and made it believable.” – Dick Page, Shiseido Artistic Director


Created By: Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page

Inspiration:This look resembles a “tennis tan.” The placement of the sunburn/suntan is rough and uneven, since people don’t typically get a perfectly even tan from sun exposure. This was not meant to be a pretty, romantic bronzed look; it’s a more realistic scruffy burned tan.


  • Face/Cheek: Apply a mixture of Perfecting Stick Concealer in Medium Deep (55) and Deep (66) (NEW! for Spring 2015) onto the skin where the sun would naturally hit the face from directly above. Blend a small amount of Perfect Rouge in Dragon (RD514) across the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, neck and ears to create the “burned tan look” using a Blush Brush.
  • Brow:Remain as natural as possible, but fill in brows with a variety of Shimmering Cream Eye Colors in Caviar (BK912), Shoyu (BR623), Sable (BR709), Leather (BR306) and Sunshower (OR313).

“For this look, we talked about it being raw, scruffy and punky; after all, a girl has to go out and play.” – Dick Page, Shiseido Artistic Director

 img003img003-1Created By: Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page

Inspiration:Previously for Narciso, Dick Page has created a very sleek, polished look; but this year it was time to change things up. He went for a cool, edgy look, drawing “a little scribble” in the outer corner of the eyes, slightly resembling a chevron pattern. This scruffy, scratchy eye is reminiscent of the style of the punk rock band Blondie, because as Dick Page says “Debbie Harry at her worst looks better than everyone at their best!”


  • Eye: Apply Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Caviar (BK912) on the outer corner of the eye and into the crease, sketching a chevron shape. It should not appear winged, but rather graphic and punky. Eyes are meant to look similar but not precise or perfectly matched. Apply Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil (BK901) heavily on the outer half of lower lash line, and outer half of the upper lash line. Automatic Fine Eyeliner (BK901) should be used to reinforce the eyeliner pencil along top and bottom lash lines. Apply Perfect Mascara Defining Volume (BK901) heavily to top and bottom lashes; it should appear heavy and clumpy.
  • Brow: Remain as natural as possible, but fill in brows with a variety of Shimmering Cream Eye Colors in Caviar (BK912), Shoyu (BR623), Sable (BR709), Leather (BR306) and Sunshower (OR313) to “amp up the brow, but not block it out.”


 “This look is about naiveté and freshness; it feels honest.” – Dick Page, Shiseido Artistic Director


Created By: Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page

Inspiration: Inspired by the muted colors of the collection, Dick wanted to refrain from imposing anything on the face; it was meant to look very open, transparent and real. The whole face is amplified with the eye brows, and the cheek and lip colors were all about smiling and animation.


  • Eye: Apply Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Naiad (GR125) (NEW! for Spring 2015) mixed with Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment on the lid, along the lower lash line and on the inner V of the eye to create a “flash of lightness.”
  • Lip: A trace of Veiled Rouge in Mischief (RD707) (NEW! for Spring 2015) on the lip to create a light wash of color with no hard edges and no sharp lines.
  • Brow: Filled in brows with the Eyebrow Styling Compact and a variety of Shimmering Cream Eye Colors in Caviar  (BK912), Sable (BR709), Leather (BR306) and Meadow (BE204) to frame the eye.
  • Face/Cheek: Custom color created for each model using Bronzer and Luminizing Satin Face Color to generate a warm, healthy, “just went for a run” look.

“A simple adaption of the idea of aquatic elements and mixing synthetics and naturals.” – Dick Page, Shiseido Artistic Director


Created By: Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page

Inspiration: This collection was based on Tess Giberson’s idea of weaving together combinations of synthetic materials with natural materials; Dick Page took this idea and translated it into a look that features an iridescent blue eye and warm skin.


“Very energetic and alive with one slash of color.” – Dick Page, Shiseido Artistic Director


Created By: Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page

Inspiration: To complement the performing aerialists at the presentation, the look is “all eye – energetic with one slash of bold color,” a reflection of many VPL designs that feature graphic bands.


  • Skin: Moisturize with Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate to create dewy, glowing skin.
  • Eye: Shimmering Cream Eye Color (Work in progress – launch date TBD) applied from the lash line toward the temple in a “paintbrush texture” using a natural hair Eye Shadow Brush.
  • Lip: A small amount of residual Perfecting Stick Concealer (NEW! for Spring 2015) mutes the lip.
  • Face/Cheek: Minimal Perfecting Stick Concealer (NEW! for Spring 2015) perfects the natural skin, matching the neck to the face.