Ultra Sensitive Skin Care

Britta Aragon is an inspiration. Not only did she defeat cancer, which is in itself worthy of celebration, but she has also taken her experience and that of her late father and is determined to make life with cancer a bit easier to bear.

The ravaging effects of the disease, coupled with the harshness of chemotherapy treatments, means cancer patients often deal with severely sensitive skin. Unfortunately, the skincare products given to them often do not help with the problem, and in many instances actually exacerbate it. Having dealt with the problem firsthand, as well as watching her father suffer through it before his battle was tragically lost, Britta created CV Skinlabs, with the goal of creating truly clean, effective, non-toxic skincare products.

She was able to accomplish the first part of her goal – to create a skin care line that would aid those who need it most but she needs help to see her mission through.  She is trying to raise enough money through the crowd-funding site Indiegogo to get CV Skinlabs products into every hospital across the country, especially in the cancer wards. For more information or to donate, click here.